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The universe

The Universe What is the Universe? How is it? Why does it exist? How did it come about? Many of the questions that human beings have asked themselves since their evolution began concern the world around us. In the following pages we will search and study the answers. As knowledge increases, the Cosmos expands.
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Mars Exploration Rovers

Mars Exploration Rovers In January 2004, two robotic geologists called Spirit and Opportunity, within NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, landed on opposite sides of the red planet, thus taking another step in the exploration of Mars. This mission, which is part of the NASA Mars Exploration Program, includes the three previous successful landing modules: the two Viking Program modules and the Mars Pathfinder.
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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything Consists of a definitive theory, a unique equation that answers all the fundamental questions of the Universe. The Theory of Everything or Unified Theory was Einstein's unfulfilled dream. To this he dedicated with passion the last 30 years of his life. He did not succeed, and today he continues to discover himself
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Earth and Moon

The earthquakes

Earthquakes Earthquakes, earthquakes, earthquakes, earthquakes ... are readjustments of the earth's crust caused by the movements of large fragments. By themselves, they are natural phenomena that do not affect us too much. The movement of the earth's surface that causes an earthquake does not represent a risk, except in exceptional cases, but its consequences affect us, causing catastrophes: falling buildings, city fires, avalanches and tsunamis.
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Earth photos

Land relief. Planet Earth

The relief forms are determined by the composition and lithological structure, and by the processes that led to its genesis. The photograph above is one of the best maps of the earth's crust ever made of the planet we live in. The map incorporates data provided by several different countries around the world.
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Photos of the Sun

Volcano Maat Mons. The Sun, Mercury and Venus

On the surface of Venus there are several volcanoes, and the Maat Mons is the tallest on the planet. It has a height of eight kilometers above the main radius of the planet, and a boiler of 28x31 kilometers in diameter. Inside the boiler there are at least five other smaller collapsed craters, with a diameter of 10 kilometers.
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